Pavement Management Plans


Pavement Management Planning consists of a planned, systematic approach in optimizing pavement maintenance and resurfacing services to provide the desired level of pavement condition and life span with available budget dollars. Implementation of PMP results in identification of needs of the pavement system and schedules for maintenance and resurfacing to address identified needs, implement procedures and ultimately, provide a consistently safe paved surface and save money. Henry’s Asphalt Paving will work with the property managers to devise a plan that will implement various procedures throughout the plan. These procedures will include everything from minor routine maintenance to sealcoating to total reconstruction depending on pavement condition. By using several maintenance procedures together designed as a “system”, one to support the other, you compound the advantages of each procedure which will significantly extend the life of your pavement – and save money. Throughout the plan, Henry’s Asphalt Paving will evaluate the plan and make recommendations for any necessary changes to the strategies to meet the desired goals.